Probiotics can significantly reduce stress

Stress can make people ill and lead to many different symptoms, but especially to digestive problems such as flatulence, diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome. Various studies show that certain probiotics help the organism to cope better with stress.

Autor: Dr. med. W. Tönnes 

Probiotics against stress

Probiotics are a combination of different strains of bacteria that are usually taken in the form of capsules or powder. They are intended to build up a healthy intestinal flora. Only with a healthy intestinal flora can a person remain healthy. An unbalanced intestinal flora, on the other hand, can lead to a variety of very different diseases.

Probiotics therefore do not simply regulate intestinal health and thus improve digestive problems, but have many more beneficial effects on overall human health. For example, probiotics are known to reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure, help with gum and skin problems, protect against flu and strengthen the immune system. It has also been shown that probiotics, or the state of the intestinal flora, can have an effect on a person’s psyche.


Probiotics influence the psyche

The composition of bacteria in the intestine clearly influences mental health. For example, the intestinal flora itself controls eating behaviour, because our intestinal bacteria tell us very subtly what we should eat. We may think we have an appetite for this or that. In reality, it is the appetite of our intestinal bacteria that we perceive as our own.

Yes, it is highly probable that the intestinal flora – if it is disturbed – is even involved in the development of autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and depression. Various studies in recent years have also shown how the condition of the intestinal flora affects personal susceptibility to stress. By taking certain probiotic bacteria, one can thus alleviate stress-related complaints and ensure that stress no longer makes such a big difference and does not manifest itself so strongly with physical symptoms.

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