Back pain: what to do?

Few alternatives of some physicians

Even some doctors are already active in the field of alternative medicine and offer more than just a referral to the orthopedist or the prescription of physical therapy in the case of back pain.

A few are now actively working with colon cleanses or the F. X. Mayr cure, as they have recognized the holistic connection between intestinal health and general or back health.

However, good physiotherapy can also work wonders. Its goal is to build muscle, relax tense muscles, restore flexibility, and relax tendons and ligaments.

However, physiotherapy can ONLY help sustainably and in the long term if the patient learns individually suitable exercises there and also performs them REGULARLY and INTENSIVELY optimally several times a day at home. However, a few heat applications, massages and exercises performed on-site twice a week will hardly be enough to become symptom-free in the long run.

How to treat back pain yourself

Since back pain is often the result of today’s sedentary lifestyle, as well as other unhealthy habits (smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep), so it is more or less self-made ( 1 ), you can often remedy this form of back pain yourself by turning the tables and changing your lifestyle accordingly. (In medicine, the saying “sitting is considered the new smoking” has now even become established).


Lower back: Exercise for pain

Exercise is the be-all and end-all for chronic back pain. It is irrelevant whether the pain is located in the lower back or rather in the chest area. However, lower back pain, in particular indicates a predominantly sedentary lifestyle.

Get used to more movement! It may be a nuisance at first, but persevere because after a few weeks or months you’ll get used to it and won’t feel comfortable without the exercise you’ve trained yourself to do.

If you find it difficult to stay on the ball and keep “forgetting” your exercises at home, find an appropriate gym where a trainer can take care of you and where there may be special back classes.

Don’t just move more in your everyday life (take the stairs instead of the elevator, ride your bike instead of your car, etc.), but make sports and exercise your hobby. Try your hand at different sports until you find something you enjoy.

If you have too much pain, then stick to back exercises for now. We have already mentioned at the beginning the pain specialists Liebscher & Bracht, who present very good videos on Youtube with the best exercises for both acute and chronic back pain.

They also explain very well that back pain is not – as is often believed – caused by weak back muscles, but rather by weak abdominal muscles in conjunction with shortened hip muscles due to a lot of sitting and, as a result, tight back muscles.

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