Green coffee extract: weight loss pill and colon cleanser?

Green coffee extract has become known as a weight loss remedy. It is also said to be an excellent method of colon cleansing in the form of colon enemas. Does the extract actually help you lose weight? And how do you perform green coffee enemas?

Autor: Dr. med. W. Tönnes 


Green Coffee Extract for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be incredibly difficult. Products that make losing weight easier are therefore always in high demand. For many years, Green Coffee Extract has been one of them, in fact it is said to be one of the most popular weight loss products currently on the market.

In alternative medicine, green coffee is also used to cleanse the intestines in the form of enemas and is said to have an extraordinarily beneficial effect.

What is green coffee?

Coffee beans are still light green after harvesting. It is only through further processing and roasting that they become as dark as we are used to today. Therefore, when we talk about green coffee, we mean the unroasted coffee beans or products made from them.

Green coffee is not a different type of coffee, but simply coffee beans in their natural form, which sometimes have a higher content of active substances than the roasted variety.

Can you drink green coffee? What does it taste like?

Green coffee can be prepared and drunk like normal coffee. But you should not expect a coffee aroma. This is only created by the roasting process. Green coffee tastes quite different, more like herbal or green tea.

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