Lose weight with green tea

Green tea extract can apparently help people lose weight – at least in initial experiments with mice. In combination with running training, continuous intake of green tea extract reduced body weight by almost 30 percent. The abdominal fat percentage even dropped by more than 36 percent. Surprisingly, the extract worked in this way independently of the other nutrition.

Autor: Dr. med. W. Tönnes 

Belly fat is particularly unhealthy

Obesity has become a widespread disease. In the western industrial nations, people are not only getting fatter and fatter. Adiposity, i.e. morbid obesity, is also on the rise.

Studies show time and again that life expectancy is highest for those who are slightly overweight. However, it depends on where the fat deposits are located. In general, a distinction is made between the pear and the apple type.

The pear type has strong thighs, buttocks and hips, while the upper body is rather narrow. The apple type has fat deposits, especially on the belly – and that is not good at all.

Men in particular are affected by excessive belly fat. A diet high in carbohydrates is thought to be the cause, as is a lack of essential amino acids and, of course, a lack of exercise combined with frequent alcohol consumption.

Green tea against belly fat

Belly fat not only increases appetite, but also cholesterol levels. It also produces numerous hormones that have been linked to a growing risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It can also lead to asthma, and even the likelihood of developing dementia increases as the belly grows.

Dr Sudathip Sae-tan and colleagues at Pennsylvania State University set out in 2014 to find a way to tackle belly fat (1).

Over sixteen weeks, they conducted an experiment on mice fed a high-fat diet. Some of the mice were given decaffeinated green tea extract, while others did running training. The combination of both measures was tested on another group. A fourth group was given only high-calorie food as a control.

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