Weight during pregnancy

Being pregnant can raise many questions. How do I eat right during pregnancy? This is one of those questions that most women are already overwhelmed with. In addition, many pregnant women do not know how much weight they should actually gain. The topic of exercise is also discussed contradictorily. Should a pregnant woman exercise or not? We give you answers to these questions.

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Weight gain during pregnancy

A study published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology showed that most women do not know how much weight they should actually gain during pregnancy. For some women, the weight gain is significantly too little. Other pregnant women, however, gain so many kilos that they endanger their own health and that of their baby.


Your child’s health is at stake

Nutrition scientist Susie de Jersey from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia wrote in this context:

Pregnancy is an extremely important time because it plays a special role in the overall development of the child – many women know this. However, most pregnant women are not aware that it also has a major influence on the later weight development of mother and child. The fact is, however, that during this time it is often decided whether or not both of them will be prone to obesity at a later stage. If the expectant mother eats too much or too little nutrition during pregnancy, or if she eats poorly and is not physically active enough, this can have a serious negative impact on the health of both the mother and the child in the future.
De Jersey found that two-thirds of Australian women had not gained enough weight during their pregnancy. It was surprising that there were just as many women who ate too little during this time as those who ate far too much food. One third of the pregnant women gained too many pounds, while another third of the pregnant women had gained too little weight or even lost weight between conception and delivery.


Possible causes of obesity

One risk factor for excessive weight gain during pregnancy is pre-existing obesity (severe overweight). Half of the women who were already very overweight before pregnancy also gained a corresponding amount of weight after pregnancy.

But the long-outdated view that a pregnant woman must eat for two from now on also contributes to excessive weight development. After all, it’s not about eating as many calories as possible, but only about consciously eating a healthy diet that is rich in vital substances. But what exactly should a healthy diet look like during pregnancy? Most women don’t really know, because they are very poorly informed about it.

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