Sweeteners in pregnancy make children fat

Daily consumption of artificial sweeteners during pregnancy clearly makes children more likely to be overweight later in life than children born to mothers who did not consume sweeteners during pregnancy. Sweeteners are therefore not only unfavourable for the woman, but also for her unborn child and should better not be used during pregnancy.

Autor: Dr. med. W. Tönnes 

Sweeteners in pregnancy

Sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame K, thaumatin, cyclamate, saccharin and others are considered to be a guarantee for low-calorie feasting. People hope to lose weight more quickly, want to be able to maintain their hard-won waistline more easily or try to avoid excess kilos during pregnancy.

For some people, all this works without a problem. For others, sweeteners lead to undesirable side effects. Yes, some people even gain weight more easily with sweeteners than ever before.


Sweeteners promote obesity

We have already reported here that sweeteners can change the intestinal flora in such a way that the person concerned tends to be more overweight. This is because the composition of the intestinal flora determines how food is utilised.

Those who have the misfortune to have mainly intestinal bacteria that can, for example, also convert dietary fibres into usable carbohydrates or fats, consume many more calories than those whose intestinal flora does not do this to such a high degree.

However, a Canadian study ( 1 ) has now shown that not only those who regularly consume sweeteners can gain weight, but in the case of a pregnant woman, also her child, if the expectant mother consumes sweeteners during pregnancy.

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