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An unfulfilled desire to have children puts the relationship of many couples to a great test. That is why more and more women are undergoing the complicated and nerve-racking process of artificial insemination. But before they take on this strain, they should first consider exposure to harmful substances as a possible cause of childlessness. Heavy metals, softeners, sprays etc.., can have a lasting effect on the hormonal system of both sexes and thus prevent pregnancy. Chlorella algae can counteract this development, because it frees the body from toxins and at the same time has a regulating effect on the hormone system – without any side effects.

Autor: Dr. med. W. Tönnes

Causes of an unfulfilled desire to have children

The number of women who are denied a pregnancy is constantly growing. More and more couples today wish to have children in vain.

One possible explanation for the unfulfilled desire to have children is exposure to harmful substances, as these can have a lasting effect on the sensitive hormone system of men and women even in very small doses.

It has been proven that the consequence of this can be both infertility in men and infertility in women. (See the studies at the foot with the numbers 1 and 2).

Even minimal amounts of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), plasticisers, dioxins and pesticides can affect the hormonal system to such an extent that healthy sperm production is no longer possible. (See the studies at the bottom numbered 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8).

These toxins interrupt the hormonal self-regulation of the body or can even stop it completely. Therefore, they should not be disregarded as a possible cause of pregnancy failure.

Pollution should also be taken into account as a possible cause of the rising miscarriage rate.

Every affected couple, i.e. both the woman and the man, is therefore advised to rid the body of these dangerous pollutants with the help of chlorella algae in combination with CVE (Chlorella Vulgaris Extract). CVE is a special nutrient concentrate from the chlorella algae that can be taken in parallel with the chlorella algae. The probability of a subsequent pregnancy increases as the toxin load decreases. Try it out!

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