Nerve food against stress

Stress and worries leave your nerves on edge and your mood plummeting. This does not have to be the case. Prevent stress-related complaints and bad moods by eating the right foods for your nervous system and additionally using holistic measures to make you cheerful again. We show you how it works.

Autor: Dr. med. W. Tönnes 


Pamper your nervous system

Your diary is overflowing? Your to-do list just won’t get any shorter? Are your nerves clearly strained and your resilience noticeably decreasing? Your sleep is getting worse and you feel exhausted during the day? It’s high time you did something for yourself! For yourself and your nervous system!

Modern life and all the obligations that come with it can have unfavourable effects on the central nervous system in many ways. This is especially the case if you do not take preventive anti-stress measures to counteract this lasting negative influence on your body.

Normally, you should provide your body with the daily energy and nutrients it needs to remain stress resistant, so that you can calmly go about your daily tasks – without becoming stressed, panicked or hysterical. However, if you eat or do the wrong thing, the body goes into a deficit. Its energy reserves are plundered in the long term and the stress hormone overproduction can lead to considerable damage to your health.

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