Vegan nutrition helps with menopausal symptoms

In one study, a purely plant-based, or vegan, nutrition with a daily serving of soybeans was shown to almost completely resolve menopausal symptoms – without the need for additional medications.

Autor: Dr. med. W. Tönnes 


Menopausal symptoms: Plant-based nutrition helps

In July 2021, a study – published by the North American Menopause Society – appeared in the journal Menopause showing that a plant-based nutrition supplemented with a daily serving of soybeans resulted in very good relief from menopausal symptoms.

The study is called the WAVS trial for the Women’s Study for the Alleviation of Vasomotor Symptoms. Vasomotor symptoms during menopause include sudden flushing, hot flashes, and night sweats followed by chills and shivering.

Vasomotor activity means that blood vessels can dilate or constrict to accommodate blood flow to a tissue. For this adjustment to work well, it also requires estrogen and/or progesterone. When hormone levels drop during menopause, there are disturbances in this area and, without cause, the vessels directly under the skin dilate. As a result, more warm blood flows from inside the body into the skin. The hot flash is there.

Hormone therapies can have side effects
About 80 percent of menopausal women suffer from hot flashes, which are not only bothersome during the day, but also at night, when they disrupt sleep. At one time, hormone therapies were routinely used. Because of the now well-known risks (increased risk of breast cancer, stroke and thrombosis, increased risk of gallbladder disease (3)), hormones are now not administered as frequently. Alternatives, such as soy extracts with high isoflavone content, have not shown consistent results in studies, so this option is not a satisfactory solution either.


Instead of five hot flashes per day, only one

In the WAVS study, no preparations were used – neither hormones nor isoflavone-rich extracts/capsules. Instead, participants were asked to practice a low-fat plant-based nutrition, including half a cup of cooked soybeans daily, for example in a salad or soup.

This nutrition improved moderate to severe hot flashes by 84 percent. Whereas women previously had five hot flashes per day, they were now less than one with the plant-based, soy-rich nutrition.

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